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Plants on the Window

Committed to Optimizing Our Ecosystem

Our mission at Matter of Earth (MOE) is simple: to cultivate and strengthen our soil


Pramod Raju, is an entrepreneur, environmentalist and soil builder.  He believes there has to be whole system environmental planning that provides a healthy balance of social, economic, and ecological benefits.  His love for nature coupled with his rising concern over increasing environmental pressures has prompted him to ask what can one person or a household do to have a positive impact on their world.

He believes we are only as healthy as our ecosystem is and we must strive to live in a mutually beneficial manner with nature.  For too long, 'modernization' and cityscapes have created unnatural and even hazardous systems that we have normalized and even become complacent to.  As a counter-strategy city planners have created recreational and public parks to placate our natural and instinctual tendencies.  In whatever way these parks are effective in keeping us grounded, typical urban parks are mere appetizers when compared to the complex natural ecosystem State and National Parks provide and human evolution expects of us to live a truly healthy life.  In this context the closest experience one can have to living in nature full-time, is to bring dynamic plant and soil systems into our homes to maximize our overall well being.

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