Planting through the seasons

Eating fresh food from your garden is a bit like drinking good coffee: Once you’ve had it, you can never go back to drinking freeze-dried instant or to eating tasteless fare from the frozen food aisle. But what if your growing season is woefully short? (When I lived in a Colorado mountain town at an altitude of 8,750 feet, we joked that the seasons were composed of “July, August, and winter.”) If you’re like most gardeners (and me), your idea of gardening is to plant enthusia

Getting your kids involved in gardening from a young age

Gardening with children provides them with skills to help your child’s development. You and your children will enjoy every stage of the process. May is the perfect time of year in Michigan to start a gardening project with your children. Gardening with children provides the perfect combination of skills and tasks to address your child’s development. For example, gardening is a great physical development activity. Young children can practice locomotor skills, body management s

Join our planting lessons and gardening course

Study of plants in landscape design and their structural, environmental, and aesthetic uses. Garden styles and techniques as well as the development of planting plans will be covered. There is more to selecting plants and establishing them successfully than meets the eye and many landscapers and designers lack the information and skills needed. The correct establishment of plants can make a huge difference to the long term health of a garden. Learn how to get it right the fir